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Can timeless beauty really be captured by this timeless medium?


It is often said that jewellery in all its forms is timeless ….diamonds are forever after all!

Well it is appropriate then that when jewellery needs to be captured in an advertisement, or catalogued, that it is captured in a ‘timeless’ medium.

Still photography, especially in a digital format is as timeless as the jewellery itself, but the question is; ‘Can timeless beauty really be captured by this timeless medium?’ I believe that the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, but there are certain things that need to be taken into  account to ensure that it happens:

The right background – Part of the beauty of any piece is the enhancement of its surroundings.

Obviously a plain table cloth will not bring out the beauty of a solid gold bracelet! The connection to the utility of the piece should be taken into account as well. A beautiful executive watch could be shot, for example, on a leather bound desk top.

The right model – Perhaps there is a much stronger connection to the beauty of the piece if it is displayed on a live model or celebrity? This is always a viable alternative to just a white background, but even then, the right setting should tell a story connected to the piece.

The right lighting – Background or live model, natural or artificial lighting that compliments the background and augments the brilliance and true colours of the item of jewellery is crucial to capturing the beauty of any piece.

The right equipment – Without going into detail about the equipment and lenses needed to assure the beauty of the product is truly captured, pinpoint accuracy needs to be attained to bring the intricate detail of most jewellery into sharp focus. This requires what is called focus stacking  (obtained by placing the camera on a macro focusing rail and moving the camera “across” the product) then add to this, excellent professional printing.

So, to really capture the timeless beauty of jewellery by this timeless medium, a professional Photographer with the experience that I have in professional portrait, product and jewellery photography will no doubt give you a better result …and I would be happy to help.

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