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Cape Precious Metals (CPM)


Cape Precious Metals is one of South Africa’s largest secondary refiners, specialising in the recycling of all precious metals.

Utilising modern techniques for maximum recovery and returns, we refine all jewellers’ waste including bench and floor sweeps, carpets, filings, polishings, old jewellery solids and (the little-known) sludge.


As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we evaluate all waste suppliers to ensure all metals are ethically sourced and suppliers subscribe to honourable business practices.

Once processed in our refinery, this certified highest-purity metal is made available for distribution to the jewellery manufacturing industry in Southern Africa. CPM has established wonderful relationships with clients throughout SA, Namibia and Botswana over the past 25 years. This is testament not only to the purity of our raw metals, but also our range of reliable services and quality finished products.

We further convert our fine gold, silver, platinum and palladium to alloyed metals, pre-alloys, alloyed PGM bars, investment bars, solders, plate, wire and tubing. This alloyed metal is also used for casting of finished goods for our clients.

All alloying is expertly undertaken in-house by CPM’s experienced and well-trained staff, adhering to our strict quality control systems. We are so proud to note that every single member of our Operations Departments around the country have received Jewellery Council Certification in either Alloying, Solder-making, Assaying or all of the above.

Another facet of our business is the Silver Recovery Department, which converts X-rays and lithographic film into pure silver. Cape Precious Metals actually started life as a silver refining company, but as the demand from jewellers increased for our top-quality product, we saw the need to support them at all stages of the creative process.

We’ve now served tens of thousands of jewellers over the years, growing with this community and evolving sustainably into the one-stop-shop we are today.

With branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg, CPM is well established to meet the industry’s demands, and all our facilities undergo regular improvements.

Some of CPM’s Sales Executives are ex-jewellers, and are on hand to offer technical assistance and product advice. Ask us especially about our refining tips to maximize your returns!

(servicing Western Cape & Namibia)
+27 (0)21 551 2066

(servicing Gauteng, Northern Provinces & Botswana)
+27 (0)11 334 6263

(servicing KwaZulu-Natal, Free State & Northern Cape)
+27 (0)31 303 5402

(servicing Eastern Cape)
+27 (0)41 365 1890