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Article by Tennille Hoge

Cape Tools and Jewellery Supplies are excited to share their product news with the industry when it creates a win win outcome.

Addressing productivity, we understand time and finishes are foremost in the workshop strategy to meet customer’s orders sooner than expected. Introducing Randsom & Randolph investment powder, a premium International brand from the USA caters for every demand whether you are a large casting house or a boutique jewellery store producing bespoke jewellery.

Ultra-Vest and Plasticast investments are suited for investing and burnout of commonly used resin or wax materials. Astro-Vest investment for high temperature alloys. All R&R products are developed using only premium grade raw materials whereby these products ensure the highest quality and consistent finishes for the manufacturer. It is crucial to underscore every consideration a jeweller should apply his mind to when making a decision to appoint an investment brand. The chosen brand literally translates into the crucial link that either produces a result which costs productivity in substantial man hours to prepare and finish the article perfectly or a premium investment brand that produces instant and amazing surface finishes in the moment. Considering the load shedding predicament R&R burnout cycles are substantially lower than its peers.

Talking productivity and technology – B9 Creations (B9C) first undertook to research which industry needed a specialized 3D printer to be built around its needs and addressed the demand for inefficiencies existing 3D printers could not deliver to the market. Specifically price, speed and resolution were incorporated into the prototype model. Translated directly B9C delivers a mid-priced machine that prints at speeds and resolutions only high premium printers cater for. The return on investment also becomes the main selling point whereby calculations were made to supply quality resins, eliminate annual license fees and design B9C’s dura-vat to deliver extended longevity up to 600 prints compared to an average of 230 to 100 prints.

Therefore B9C vision meant at the press of a button each print translates into a discount on the original price owing to substantially lower operating costs without compromising quality. Yes, the greater volumes you print the faster the return on investment.

Cape Tools & Jewellery Supplies identified a crucial pairing  was necessary to capture the high resolution output on 3D resin models which would otherwise be lost. This is where the quality of R&R’s Plasti-Cast investment powder matches detail for detail in replicating intricate 3D printed pieces into gold or Astro-Vest for platinum high temperature alloys. The pre-purchase decision process on a 3D Printer should be carefully researched together with a knowledgeable supplier that can advise, train and offer the full compliment of consumables and spare parts on an ongoing basis.

Finally to complete Cape Tools offering in the latest advances in finishing systems Murua Universal offers the innovative solution to automation.

The master machine for many types of metals.

The new concept of a finishing system with electro-polishing technology with automatic time saving procedures. Gold 8-24ct , Silver and Brass alloys can all be processed in one machine with different liquids. Easy Gold recovery process with 95% metal back, both large and small pieces can be processed in the Murua with outstanding results. Casting a light sand of 800 grit placed into the unit for 90 minutes will produce a high polished finish in no time. Or immediately post casting stage a cycle of 4-6 hours produces a polished finish.

Cape Tools continues to place emphasis on a diverse range, which tracks technology. Coupled with every sale is our service offering in the form of individual consultation with product demonstrations and after sales training and support.

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