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DIA Grading Laboratory

22 years of servicing the industry

DIA is a grading laboratory specializing in Diamonds, Tanzanite and Jewellery Evaluations.

The company was established in 1996 by GIA qualified grader Lesley Tsakos, and has continued to grow and service the industry for the past 21 years. Now owned by daughter Nichola van Niekerk and long standing colleague Nicolette van Niekerk, the company is continuing to grow on the strong foundation on which it was built. In 2017 the company expanded its services to include Tanzanite grading as well as Jewellery Valuations.

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Protea Diamonds

Protea Diamonds was established in 1966; as an independent diamond merchant, sourcing stones from the Northern Cape Province (principally the Wolmaranstad and Kimberley areas).

They purchased rough stones directly from the mines and polished a percentage in-house before selling both rough and polished diamonds into the local and international markets. A Jewellery division was established in 1999 to expand the existing business. Continue reading…

B.Y.L Diamonds offers unrivalled quality and choice

Since opening its doors, B.Y.L Diamonds has cemented its reputation as one of South Africa’s leading diamond and jewellery wholesalers.

Through associates with mines in South Africa and abroad, B.Y.L Diamonds has secured access to some of the world’s most impressive loose cut diamonds and Tanzanite, in a galaxy of shapes, sizes, colours and clarities. Continue reading…

De Beers Group of Companies partners with United Nations to empower women


Partnership harnesses commitment of De Beers and UN Women to advance gender equality

On September 2017, De Beers Group announced a three-year partnership with UN Women to accelerate the advancement of women across its organisation, in its diamond producing countries and in its marketing. Continue reading…

J.P.P.E – April Birthstone – Diamond

The Birthstone of April is diamond. For these lucky ladies they get a gem that’s 58 times harder than anything else in nature but the allure of diamonds is mostly because of its lustre that sparkles and dances in the light. As a wedding ring it symbolizes the strengths of a happy marriage with eternal love.

The largest rough diamond discovered was the Cullinan diamond, weighing in at 3106 carats. Continue reading…

Protea Diamonds – Jewellex Stand of the year 2017


Not only does Protea Diamonds have a reputation for exceptional Diamonds and Jewellery; but they now also proudly boast the Trophy for Stand Of The Year 2017.

Protea Diamonds, who has attended almost every Jewellex since inception more than 35 years ago, was proud to have received the Award for Stand Of The Year at Jewellex 2017. Jewellers Network speaks to Donna Oosthuizen who was responsible for organizing the stand at this year’s show. Continue reading…

De Beers


De Beers Enterprise Development Project for Diamond Beneficiators – Year 2

The Project

At De Beers, the concept of “Building Forever” describes the commitment to creating a lasting positive legacy, both through its own activities and by working in partnership with others to find solutions to some of the most significant challenges we collectively face. Continue reading…

Protea Diamonds

We all know the popular name… Protea Diamonds has over 50 years’ experience in the Diamond and Jewellery Industry.

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DIA Grading Laboratory

DIA Grading Laboratory was established in 1996 by GIA qualified grader Lesley Tsakos, and has continued to grow and service the industry for the past 21 years.

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Who are you doing business with?


If there’s one lesson I’ve learned in my life, it’s that the most important element in doing business, is who you’re doing the business with.

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Eureka App

Eureka is a mobile application that will change the way people in the diamond industry look/find/search for diamonds. It is a simple, updated stock-listing of diamonds that belong to registered dealers and has a powerful search feature to ensure quick access to specific diamonds required by other registered dealers. Continue reading…




Point cut

This earliest of diamond “cuts” simply involved polishing away any blemishes on the faces of a diamond octahedron. Legend has it that the association of diamond with love came from the practice of French courtiers to use a point diamond to write messages on inconspicuous palace windows arranging assignments, hence engagement rings.

Table cut

The table was a very early and practical diamond cut. It merely amounted to grind-ing and polishing away a heavily included or damaged point of a diamond octahedron.

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De Beers


De Beers Enterprise Development Project for Diamond Beneficiators

Project members Receive First Supply of Rough Diamonds from De Beers


After the successful launch of the De Beers Enterprise Development Project for Diamond Beneficiators that introduced the five Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA) owned diamond cutting and polishing companies that will receive assistance in their growth and development, the next major step was for them to receive their first supply of rough diamonds from De Beers.

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BYL Diamonds


BYL Diamonds is an industry leader in supplying wholesale diamonds to South Africa and the rest of the world.

Our partnership with one of the biggest tanzanite manufacturers in Tanzania allows us to supply the best quality stones directly from the mine.

The main focus of BYL Diamonds is exceptional quality therefore the majority of our stones are certified by GIA.

We put our heart and soul into each piece of jewellery using only the best metals South Africa has to offer.

Our collections include various sizes and shapes from certified loose diamonds and tanzanite, calibrated round diamonds, fancy cut calibrated diamonds, diamond and tanzanite tennis bracelets, designer diamond and tanzanite jewellery.

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Useful Information Diamonds


Gemstone Origins (Part I Diamond)

This series of articles briefly examines how and where gems originate.  

In the case of diamond the long-standing mystery of its source was finally thought to have been resolved in 1870 with the first discovery of a diamond bearing kimberlite in the South African Free-State. 

However modern research has revealed that kimberlite is not the matrix in which diamonds formed. In fact diamonds are formed in the very active high pressure and high-temperature zone that lies between the Earth’s solid crust and its outer mantle (Fig 3). That said, it should be noted that the occurrence of diamond is rarely associated with typical volcanic activity.
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The creative thinking behind the MISS SA 2016 crown


As a main feature Jack Friedman used the infinity sign to symbolize the enormity and ongoing nature of her roll as Miss South Africa. 

The three main stones are Sugilite also called Luvulite (sold as the stone of love) This gorgeous stone is mostly purple and most often associated with royalty.  The deposits of this unique translucent violet stones come from South Africa. The mine where these specific stones were mined is in a town called Hotazel in the Northern Cape.  This violet crystal has a highly protective and healing property. One of Miss SA’s privileges is to assist in the healing of our nation and its people and this stone will protect her in doing so. 

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