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Winslyn: Sintetiese vs. natuurlike diamante Interview with Ernest Blom & Michael Pneuma

New tenants – Sturdee Avenue Rosebank

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WPO Plant a Forest

It has been shown that deforestation of indigenous trees has a significant impact on sustainable ecosystems including water shortages. Trees and forests gift humans with selfless love by providing clean air, protection, food and support to the smallest and biggest of living plants, animals, insects and humans. Walk through a forest, and feel the difference in your energy, mood and well-being. Let us reciprocate the goodwill gifted to us by trees and forests by supporting the SA Reforestation. Trust in the endeavour to sell 10 000 trees Continue reading…

Pneuma: Questions & Answers Part 1

What made you decide to become a manufacturing Jeweller?

I’ve been in love with jewellery all my life, and wanted to be part of a vibrant and flourishing jewellery industry. I wanted to play an active role in improving the sustainability of the SA jewellery manufacturing sector. Continue reading…

PlatAfrica 2018 – Blessings of Love

In all cultures and religions, the arrival of a new baby is considered a blessing, a new and perfect gift. With the theme, Blessings of Love, PlatAfrica 2018  looks to celebrate the significant milestones in the lives of young women. Continue reading…

In Conversation with Natanya van Niekerk (Part 2)

In conversation with Natanya van Niekerk (Part 1)

Pneuma – How me made it work

Once upon a time, from Austria and from Greece, came 2 masters: Combination Goldsmith / Gem-stone Setter Wolf-Dieter Dorr and Michael Pneuma. Continue reading…

Business travel just got a lot more rewarding with Cathay Pacific

From waiting in line at departures to wondering whether you’re going to make it to your meeting on time, business trips can be incredibly stressful.

The last thing you need is the hassle of missing your flight and having to pay more for another one, right? With Business Plus from Cathay Pacific, a unique rewards programme designed to make travel easier, more efficient and far more rewarding for corporate travellers, booking and managing flights is now simpler and easier than ever. Continue reading…

Mike Pneuma

Mike Pneuma – A Jewellers’ story, by Metal Concentrators

Michael Pneuma started out in 1983, at the mere age of 19 as a trainee manufacturing and repairing Jewellery for a company. Michael then grew from there and started working for other companies as well.

This continued for four hard working years of working for three different companies specializing in 1) British 2) Arabic and 3)Italian. He was trained to specialize in Italian and Arabic classic and traditional Jewellery manufacturing. During the time of Michael’s apprenticeship, he had the great privilege of attending the Cartier Exhibition, this inspired and humble him to no longer compare his quality of Jewellery with those that are store bought, but rather to aspire to the quality of Cartier’s Master Goldsmiths. Continue reading…

Richline SA

It is with a grateful heart that I think about Richline South Africa’s humble beginnings back in 2012.

The business world in SA was excited by Berkshire Hathaway’s Richline Group acquiring it’s first business on the local front. The euphoria of thinking that the golden duck arrived and all will be well quickly dissipated with the reality of the decline in the jewellery industry. Continue reading…

Twin Jewellery Shows Attract Record of some 87,000 Buyers

The fifth Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show and the 35th Hong Kong International Jewellery Show welcomed about 87,000 buyers from 145 countries and regions

On-site Survey Shows Industry Optimism on Future Prospects

5 March 2018 – Featuring more than 4,550 exhibitors, the fifth Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show (27 February-3 March) and the 35th Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (1-5 March) concluded with participation from about 87,000 buyers from 145 countries and regions, representing a two per cent increase from last year. Continue reading…

Metcon – In Conversation with Andreas Salver

Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair a Resounding Success

The 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair was a resounding success as it draws international visitors and exhibitors to showcase the strength of Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry to the world.

Organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the 61 edition of Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair attracted visitors from 113 countries over five days with top five visiting nations from India, Myanmar, China, USA and Russia respectively. Continue reading…

Pneuma Academy of Excellence – A Beautiful, True Fairy Tale



… BHEKU BABA WAS DEAF AT the Tender Age of 2 …


… But this has not stopped Bheku from having completed the Pneuma Graduate Development Program (GDP) as an intern, and then shown great excitement and enthusiasm when entered into the ‘Super-Artisan’ Program … And continuing to financially support Granddad back in KZN … Continue reading…

The Skills Summit 2018 – Postponed

Skills Development Summit and Achiever Awards.

The second type of organisation is that which is fundamentally and directly affected, particularly in terms of the people who must attend the address. The latter rings true for the Skills Development Summit.

The nature of the Summit is such that it attracts some of the top private and public sector speakers who provide our delegates with knowledge, sector-specific expertise and insights for the duration of the Summit. The event is also attended by civil servants across all three spheres of the government. Continue reading…

In Conversation with Dave and Nina Newman

Metcon - The Jewellers' story

In conversation with Bheki Ngema


Skills Development Summit


Skills Development Summit – Time to raise the bar

The Live – Streamed Skills Development Summit 2018 will unveil a pragmatic vision of skills development, which integrates the need to develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy.

This vision will be set within a framework of inclusivity and social transformation, and will be displayed against the backdrop of international competition, which represents the bar to which South Africans need to aspire to raise themselves. It’s a game-changing vision, and the Skills Development Summit will provide the workshop in which an exciting economic future will be forged for industries and the nation as a whole.  Continue reading…

World’s Largest Jewellery Marketplace Opens in Hong Kong Early Next Year

Jewellery Show and Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show

Jewellery Show and Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show Brighten Businesses

27 November 2017 – The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will stage the 5th Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show from 27 February to 3 March at the AsiaWorld-Expo, and the 35th Hong Kong International Jewellery Show from 1 to 5 March at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The twin shows anticipate a total of more than 4,480 exhibitors from over 50 countries and regions, forming the world’s largest jewellery marketplace for traders to tap into global markets. In 2017, the shows attracted more than 85,000 buyers from 144 countries and regions. Continue reading…