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With all the success Jewellers’ Network has had within our social media channels – we have decide to EXPAND !!!

Jewellers’ Network is now on INSTAGRAM – Follow us on all social media and you could WIN .

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From Now On….

They say that 2020 has been a little like looking both ways before crossing the road and then getting hit by an aeroplane.

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The GIZ Skilled Crafts and Trades Network

The GIZ Skilled Crafts and Trades Network for Africa (SC&TN4A) is a project, which jointly with the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) brings together skilled workers, enterprises and vocational training organisations from Africa and Germany and initiates company and learning partnerships on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Continue reading…

The one stop shop for allocated Gold and Silver

London 24.06.2020: Kinesis today releases a new user interface for the Kinesis Exchange, bringing a smooth user experience and all-new responsive chart functionality to the trading platform.

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Introducing PlatAfrica 2020 – Designed for Men of Platinum

Over the past few weeks, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant change in the way we live and work, as countries around the world impose lockdown restrictions to reduce infection rates.

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JPPE Product Catalogue

The Birthstone of April is diamond

For these lucky ladies they get a gem that’s 58 times harder than anything else in nature but the allure of diamonds is mostly because of its lustre that sparkles and dances in the light. As a wedding ring it symbolizes the strengths of a happy marriage with eternal love.

The largest rough diamond discovered was the Cullinan diamond, weighing in at 3106 carats.

Now that’s a whole lot of best friend!

All our jewellery is made in South Africa and is backed with a 100 % service guarantee. Our vast range of styling can also be ordered in a variety of gemstones in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. With innovative CAD designing combined with the extensive knowledge of skilled artisans, our craftsmanship is on par with international standards.

Jewellers’ Network Changes in 2020

Jewellers’ Network is thrilled to share some exciting news with you…

Jewellers’ Network is rebranding The Jewel Trader!

With an extremely successful rebranding of The Definitive Directory in 2018, bringing a beautiful aesthetic and an incredibly efficient source of information to all sectors of The Jewellery, Diamond and Watch Industry…

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Digital Gold and Silver has Arrived

Here we are, the time for the launch of the Kinesis Monetary System is upon us and we have achieved a great number of milestones since our last article within the Jewellers Network Magazine.

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From art to finish – From vision to precision – From craft to creation

Through dedication and delicate alchemy, jewellery design transforms raw material into fine art. MetCon has long worked alongside talented jewellers to print, cast and finish precious metal creations, taking great care in our craftsmanship. To celebrate the jeweller and our developing relationships we were excited to launch the first MetCon Six Rings Competition this year.

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Mother of the Bride — The Perfect Plan

The day a daughter gets engaged is surely one of the most exciting and proud moments of a mother’s life. As the mother of the bride, you’ll no doubt be thrilled at the idea of getting everything in motion to prepare the perfect day for your daughter. It’s a lot of responsibility, and a huge task — but with careful planning and a tactful approach, you can help elevate some of the burden from the bride and groom to be. After all, that’s a mother’s job!

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Bringing back Gold as an Everyday Currency

Kinesis Money – We are not a bank.

Kinesis is a monetary system based on the traditionally stable commodities, gold and silver.

Kinesis users can instantly spend their precious metals holdings at point of sale anywhere in the world with the Kinesis debit card or transfer directly over the blockchain, opening up cross border payments with low transaction fees. Unlike other gold and silver backed cryptocurrencies, Kinesis currencies are divisible digital units of physical gold and silver, using the blockchain as a medium of exchange and a registry of ownership.

Holders of the Kinesis currencies have allocated legal title to the underlying physical bullion holdings, eliminating counter-party risk and allowing for physical redemption directly from one of seven Kinesis vaulting providers.

Learn the benefits of both to determine which is more lucrative for investors.

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PlatAfrica 2019 Platinum Jewellery Competition Finalists announced

Celebrating its 20th year of encouraging jewellers, students and apprentices in South Africa to design and manufacture statement jewellery pieces in platinum, 16 finalists have been selected in the two divisions of this year’s prestigious PlatAfrica competition.

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Jewellers’ Network has reached another Milestone!

Jewellers’ Network is now the Largest Audited Industry Trade Journal in Southern Africa.

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Kinesis Monetary System: We ready for the World!

Here we are, the time for the launch of the Kinesis Monetary System is upon us and we have achieved a great number of milestones since our last article within the Jewellers Network Magazine.

Some of the more notable ones are our achievements in Indonesia with Kinesis to launch revolutionary new bullion-backed monetary system in Indonesia and the Launching Indonesia’s first and only purpose-built bullion vault. We have further entered the healthcare space with a U.S.-based healthcare platform Rejuvenan Global Health, enabling reward payments using our KAU and KAG digital currencies. Continue reading…

Another Interesting Gemstone

Fluorite (old name is Fluorspar)

A blue gemstone came into the lab sold as tanzanite which turned out to be fluorite. This stone is transparent and the first impression was that it was a light blue sapphire, (left picture below). Fluorite comes in a range of colours, colourless, blue, yellow, brown, green, violet and pink. A massive variety of fluorite is called Blue John. Continue reading…

WFDB Releases New Blog Article On Finance

Letter from ABN Amro Bank to diamond clients is a wakeup call to the industry to buy wisely and act according to market trends, says WFDB President Ernie Blom

Antwerp, Belgium – July 31, 2019: The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has released the second in what is planned to be a regular series of blog articles by President Ernie Blom.

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The KP Elephant In The Room Has To Be Dealt With

By Ernie Blom, President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) Intersessional Meeting in Mumbai completed its half yearly meeting three weeks ago. It gave us some time to reflect on why the KPCS agenda is moving so slowly.

Undoubtedly, the KPCS is one of the great accomplishments of the worldwide diamond community of the last two decades. ‎Since the WFDB-IDMA Congress in Antwerp in the year 2000, enormous steps have been made to create a safer, conflict-free diamond trade. Continue reading…

Design@50 Mandela Day fundraiser

In celebration of Mandela Day, Design@50 hosted a Boot Camp event at Movement Crew Crossfit on Friday, 19 July 2019 for students to raise funds for the Alberton SPCA. Continue reading…

The Jewellers’ Story – Kirti Jewellers

At Jewellex 2018, Kirti Jewellers was the winner of a free advertising article sponsored by Metal Concentrators SA (Pty) Ltd. MetCon continues to support our local jewellers!

Award-winning excellence

On Tangerine Street, on an unassuming corner in Laudium, one might find the delightfully compact and always friendly Kirti Jewellers. Kirti, a self-taught jeweller, and his wife, Ragini, will greet you at the door. A proud and harmonious partnership, they have grown Kirti Jewellers into one of the most respected and successful jewellery houses in the country. Continue reading…

Industrial Marketing – Cutting-edge Strategies for Manufacturers to Accelerate their Businesses

The concept of industrial marketing emerged in the 1980s when businesses identified the need to sell products to other businesses. Today, many industries create products solely for another business such as large-scale manufacturing machinery. A vast number of companies the world over are establishing specialised industrial marketing divisions to expedite their sales and further grow their businesses, and African manufacturers must follow suit if they too are to reap the returns offered by this on point marketing phenomenon. Continue reading…