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What is Murua?

-Grinding + Polishing in one short step

-Fully automated. High performance

-Perfect finishing for gold, silver and brass alloys

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The art of jewellery design protection – A South African perspective

Jewellery, like all great crafts, is the domain of inspired, talented and creative designers who can blend the magic of metals, precious stones, natural materials and artistry with a vision to reveal magnificent works – sometimes simple and often highly complex.

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Traditional jewellery and intellectual property protection

Article by Pamela Maluleke – Trade Mark Attorney

Throughout history, necklaces, beadwork and jewellery designs have always featured in African culture, as a decorative feature, but more importantly for the symbolism the article conveyed.

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Don’t miss your chance to buy a unique platinum jewellery piece from some of South Africa’s most talented professional and up-and-coming jewellery designers.

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Engagement Rings – What are the myths?

Angelic Diamonds, stockists of wedding rings, have taken a look with us at the various tiers of engagement rings and see which are the priciest. There are many types of different engagement rings out there, all priced differently – so just which would you prefer, and can we help you dispel the myths? Continue reading…

Dangerous Instruments

In this modern age we are used to having a machine, an instrument, a device or an app for just about any task imaginable.

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Gold is back!


t’s affordable and available to everyone thanks to Richline SA’s proprietary, technologically advanced production processes.

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T Mark Guarantees Quality Jewelry from Thailand

Featured Article Thailand Heartmade Quality

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, guarantees the quality and craftsmanship of Thai jewelry brands with the Thailand Trust Mark or T Mark, a symbol of trusted quality and excellence, while preparing to host the 60th edition of the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair which will take place from September 6 to 10 at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok.

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Choosing an engagement ring

An Engagement ring is probably the single most important piece of jewellery a woman could own.

It is therefore obvious that a lot of thought should go into selecting the right ring, not only because of the commitment that it symbolizes but also because it is the jewellery item that is worn the most. Continue reading…

Countersketch International by Digital Wax

The jewellery manufacturing process has changed so much over the last two decades, enabling Jewellers to create specific refined jewellery pieces, that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture by hand. Thanks to all the new technologies available creating intricate pieces is no longer an issue.

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J.P.P.E Manufacturing Jewellers

J.P.P.E Manufacturing Jewellers’ passion for Gemstones and jewellery inspires us to create stunning jewellery for the locals and tourists.

From Big Five and African flavours to a classic styling with gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow. We offer a large selection of jewellery styles and Gemstones.

Diamond and Tanzanite jewellery is still a favourite with the tourists while other Gems like Morganite, Aquamarine, London Blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz, Garnet, Rhodalite, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Tourmaline, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire continue to dazzle the African jewellery industry. Continue reading…

Pneuma Jewellers

Background and history.

Michael Pneuma started out in1983, at the mere age of 19 as a trainee manufacturing and repairing Jewellery for a company. Michael then grew from there and started working for other companies as well. This continued for four hard working years of working for three different companies specializing in 1) British 2) Arabic and 3)Italian. He was trained to specialize in Italian and Arabic classic and traditional Jewellery manufacturing. During the time of Michael’s apprenticeship, he had the great privilege of attending the Cartier Exhibition, this inspired and humble him to no longer compare his quality of Jewellery with those that are store bought, but rather to aspire to the quality of Cartier’s Master Goldsmiths.

Michael was fully qualified in 1987. He was taken with inspiration so much so that he started his own business. Michael often worked long 12-16 hour shifts from home in order to achieve his dream to be a master goldsmith. In the early years of his business, he focused on mastering complex Jewellery pieces by using his clientele to elevate his skills. He use to choose the most difficult manufacturing process and intricate designs, repeating each piece to achieve the finest quality he could with each item and acquiring more skills. This method was not finically viable, however it allowed him to achieve a life long set of high quality skills by the time that he was 37 years of age. Continue reading…

Shining Light Project




Jenni Gault has been designing for 33 years and has established a line of precious jewellery specializing in incorporating precious Metals with SWAROVSKI® Crystal.

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17th Annual Platafrica Jewellery Design Awards


Platinum is the ideal choice for crafting a piece of timeless jewellery.

The sheer luxury and beauty of this metal is unique and, combined with its durability, will not disappoint. It will literally last you a lifetime.

Although there are many uses and markets for Platinum in the technology, automotive and health sectors, jewellery, by far, sees the metal taking its most breath-taking form and has become the symbol of love.
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Gübelin opens new boutique in Lugano


The family-owned House of Gübelin held an opening ceremony for its new location in Lugano on 13 October, 2016. The Swiss jewellery firm’s new boutique is located in the Via Nassa 27. To honour this special occasion, Gübelin dedicated a ring to the Swiss Canton of Ticino and sold it to benefit the ProMuseo initiative.

The new Gübelin boutique is housed in a splendid building dating back to1906, located on the Piazza Carlo Battaglini in the Via Nassa, which is considered Ticino’s most attractive shopping mile.

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CPM Launches a new range of investment bars and medallions


Cape Precious Metals have revamped their range to include smaller and more affordable bullion bars and precious metal medallions to make investing even more accessible.

All items are of the highest purity, in line with what consumers have come to expect from CPM products. Minted with the 99.9 purity stamp for Silver or 999.9 purity for Gold and sold with a certificate of authenticity, purchasers can rest assured they’re buying the real deal.

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Jenni Gault


Licensed SWAROVSKI® Couture Jewellery Designer

Jenni Gault was born in Zimbabwe and is now “Proudly South African”. Having started designing Jewellery directly after school, she created her own brand 12 years ago.

This is her 32th year since creating her very first design.

Now known as “Jenni Gault International Jewellery Design”, she has taken this boutique range global. In July 2006 she was selected as the exclusive Jewellery Designer for Swarovski at SA Fashion Week. Building on her relationship with Swarovski she was soon after awarded her license under their “Swarovski Elements” brand.

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Miglio Designer Jewellery New collection


Launching  1 September 2016

Each piece of Miglio jewellery is the result of patient attention to detail and craftsmanship. Solid metal components are made using jewellery grade white metal and coated in multiple layers of pure silver. A method of burnishing and hand-buffing, gives Miglio jewellery its unique patina. Only genuine Swarovski crystals are used in our designs. 

All Miglio jewellery is guaranteed to be lead and nickel free.
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Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts


The Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts was founded in Taiwan, 1991. During the early years, the focus point of the company was to process Myanmar jade, and built a processing factory for Myanmar jade in Yunnan, China. In 1992, the founder of Top Kang, Mr. Liang, specialized in the cutting technology of Color Stones in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, taking a leap to provide the service of manufacturing Color Stones.

The Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts is familiar with the major mineral areas around the world. They explore deeply into Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, South America, and other places, insisting on possessing the most valuable and the rarest gems and mineral for the customers. After acquiring the stones with high quality, the design team of Top Kang takes the next step to present one-of-a-kind jewelry compositions.

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Richline introduces new processes for their exciting product range



Richline South Africa a Berkshire Hathaway Company has since its inception into the South African Jewellery Manufacturing Industry grown with leaps and bounds. The road has many a day been unpaved and full of potholes with the challenging and competitive market we find ourselves in. The turbulent economy has certainly contributed to many strategic sessions of the local and international management in our factory to be constantly aware of changes in consumer behaviour towards luxury goods purchases.

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