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Pearl Farms by Marge Dawson

Pearl Farms – Marge Dawson

Pearl Farms - Marge Dawson

Many interesting and different Pearl Farms are scattered around the World. Pearls from rivers and lakes are called ‘freshwater pearls’ while all others are called ‘sea pearls’.

Hazards Pearl Farmers face, include wild storms at sea resulting in loss of crops, ‘Red Tides’ that use up the water’s oxygen, thieves that steal crops and others that blow up coral reefs for the calcium content.

It takes a minimum of 18 months to 2 years years for strong pearl nacre growth. Pearl divers need to continually clean the undergrowth off the oyster shells, growing in heavy wire baskets underwater, so that oysters can feed and grow their pearls. Continue reading…

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Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls


by Marge Dawson  

‘Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls’ includes a comprehensive section, Abalone – Zooplankton, which is fully cross-referenced, and contains many interesting and beautiful color pictures throughout. It also contains a history of Pearl Farms, William Saville-Kent, ‘Pearly Kings & Queens’, and more stories of general interest.

My background includes approximately 51 years in Direct Marketing in various fields. The best of all was the 3 years of marketing “Pearls in the Oyster” where my passion for pearls grew and has never waned in all the years since.

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