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Liquid gold opportunity: refining stock during COVID-19

Booming precious metal prices, coupled with lower jewellery spending, increased demand for refining services in the first quarter of 2020.

No part of the jewellery industry has been immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the refining sector is no exception.

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Project Doré

Metal Concentrators’ is excited to introduce our new, flagship refinery, MetCon SEZ, set to open early 2020.

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Youth Employment Services Programme & Jewellery Manufacturing Learnerships

Through skills development, Rand Refinery seeks to encourage and actively support the integration of workplace training, theoretical learning and to facilitate the journey individuals make from school, college or university to sustained employment.

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The Potentiality of Platinum

Exploring the importance of purity, provenance and perception in the platinum market.

Noble and pure, platinum is renowned for its properties and poeticism. Its strength and rarity have grown to symbolise the endurance and similar rarity of a relationship that seems set to stand the test of time. Fittingly, it has become a featured choice for jewellery. Continue reading…

Cape Precious Metals (CPM)


Cape Precious Metals is one of South Africa’s largest secondary refiners, specialising in the recycling of all precious metals.

Utilising modern techniques for maximum recovery and returns, we refine all jewellers’ waste including bench and floor sweeps, carpets, filings, polishings, old jewellery solids and (the little-known) sludge. Continue reading…


By Arabella Rodenjournalist for Jeweller Magazine :

“From a casting perspective, even the best resins are prone to casting issues as the parts get larger, and most large parts will be wax  printed to ensure a good result.”

Chris Botha,
Operations Manager at Pallion

With new technology and an emphasis on cleaner, greener and more economical practices, ARABELLA RODEN discovers the casting and refining industry is improving efficiency all the time. Continue reading…

Gold, silver and platinum up in April hallmarking

Overall hallmarking in April increased by 4.5% from 665,344 to 695,598 pieces

Both the number of gold and silver pieces hallmarked in April 2019 increased by 6.6% and 3.3% respectively, according to figures compiled by the Birmingham Assay Office. Continue reading…

Metal Concentrators showcases the PlatAfrica 2018 competition pieces

Metal Concentrators showcases the PlatAfrica 2018 competition pieces in the Mother City for the first time. We also celebrate some of South Africa’s new young talent, like Bheki Ngema, Themba Manthsiyo, Nonhlanhla Mtshali and Labi Kapo.




The Gold Standard of Sustainability

Slowly, we’re waking up. As a global population we are considering our environment and the part humans play in the conservation or devastation of our treasured landscapes.

Increasingly, sustainability is of great importance and we will see consumers begin to demand environmentally-friendly products, with ethical origins and respectable processes.

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by Metal Concentrators SA (Pty) Ltd

Platinum is a multi-facetted metal. Of all the platinum produced annually, 8% is for investment purposes while 31% is used to manufacture jewellery with the balance going into industry as precious metal catalysts. Investment platinum is a rare commodity and platinum jewellery is becoming highly sought after.

South Africa is still the largest producer of platinum and produces approximately 73% of the world’s platinum. Russia being second in line only produces 13%. Continue reading…


In April, the Executive Committee of the JMASA launched the ‘Professional Technical Skills Certificate’, the aim of which is to recognise the skills acquired by employees in the workplace.

Cape Precious Metals is proud to have assisted in the creation of the Refining Technician certification, and have begun assessing all our employees involved in refining processes, including the categories of Alloying, Assaying, Lab Technician, Silver Processing, Smelting
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Anglo American Platinum and Metal Concentrators want to move mountains


If you want to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”
– African Proverb

The above quote is very appropriate especially in the physical reality of the Platinum Mining Industry, but today is the start of the moving of symbolic stones to move symbolic mountains for South Africa in the future.

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We chat to CPM client Christine Furner about her commitment to serving customers and her principled, “Old School” business philosophies.

Christine Furner has been in business for 36 years, and while you’d expect the wealth of knowledge that accompanies this much experience, her eagerness to share it is just one characteristic that makes her story remarkable. Continue reading…

Metal Concentrators Milestones


Milestones are meant to be celebrated in style and thus Metal Concentrators would like to congratulate Jewellers’ Network on their 21st birthday. 

The jewellery industry has gone through some tough times in the last couple of years and it is wonderful to see that your publication is still making a difference. Continue reading…

Krugerrands are a gold mine of value


Fifty years since it was first introduced in 1967, Krugerrands has built an indisputable legacy as one of the leaders in the global gold bullion investment industry.

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Metal Concentrators was established in 1989 and offers a wide range of services, including refining of mined gold doré, secondary gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Over the years the Company was the first in South Africa to receive dual certification from the international Responsible Jewellery Council, which acknowledges high levels of integrity in gold trading.

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By Cape Precious Metals

Cape Precious Metals is a registered Precious Metal Refinery specialising in the supply and recycling of all precious metals including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

As JCSA members, they strive to set the gold standard in the field by operating within a socially responsible and ethical business framework.

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Bullish On Gold

Established in 1920, Rand Refinery has grown to become the largest integrated single site precious metals refining and smelting complex in the world. Over almost 100 years, Rand Refinery has refined almost 100% of South African gold.

Such is the refinery’s pervasive influence on the sector that it is the only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) referee in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only five LBMA referees worldwide.

Rand Refinery play a leading role in assisting the LBMA in developing the Responsible Gold Guidance. Rand Refinery’s gold bars have been accepted for good delivery in the London market since 1923. Continue reading…