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Classifieds October 2020

Dennis Collins Jewellers looking for a Qualified Goldsmith

Dennis Collins Jewellers, East London, requires a Qualified Goldsmith with at least 5 years bench experience to join our Workshop manufacturing high-end jewellery.

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Looking for Job Opportunity

My name is Ingrid Sevitz. I am an experienced, hardworking and trustworthy diamond grader with a knowledge of triple X manufacturing is looking for a position. Experience extends to diamond sales, exports, diamond selection for jewellery manufacturing, computer literacy and general office duties.

Contactable references. Available to start immediately. Regrettably not in retail.

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Looking for Job Opportunity

My name is Debby Bear, and I am looking for a job opportunity in the Jewellery industry. I am organised and efficient, willing to take on any challenge and unafraid to learn and grow. I build good relationships with suppliers, clients and staff. I am a team player.

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Looking for Job Opportunity

My name is Wilshman I am looking for job in art & design. I’m only looking for either internship or learnership the company is offering.