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In April, the Executive Committee of the JMASA launched the ‘Professional Technical Skills Certificate’, the aim of which is to recognise the skills acquired by employees in the workplace.

Cape Precious Metals is proud to have assisted in the creation of the Refining Technician certification, and have begun assessing all our employees involved in refining processes, including the categories of Alloying, Assaying, Lab Technician, Silver Processing, Smelting
and Sweeps.

LEFT: CPM makes full use of modern technology to ensure all our Alloys are up to standard.
Our Hot Plat machine can melt metals up to 6kg in a matter of minutes and ensures homogeneous melts which is a plus especially when working with metals in the PGM group with higher melting temperatures

In-house training and development, especially to ensure the safety of our employees, has always been a top priority for CPM. Identifying areas of improvement ensures that our processes run smoothly and that we continue to grow as a company for the benefit of our staff and clients. Benchmarking our staff against these standards will ensure our customers receive consistent and high quality services from our refineries, smelting and alloying stations.

Since the process is structured for on-the-job training and assessment, workflow and turnaround times will not be disrupted, and there is no need for our employees to spend valuable time off-site.

LEFT: All staff members involved in Smelting processes undergo vigorous training and are monitored by our Health & Safety officers.
CPM produces high quality solders in Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow & White, 14ct Yellow, 18ct Yellow & White, Platinum & Palladium

We currently have 15 staff members across the country being assessed. Our Cape Town head office has a fully equipped refinery and silver recovery division, with our Port Elizabeth, Durban and Germiston branches providing services out of their smelting and alloying stations. We are aiming for Certification by early June to thank these dedicated professionals for their competence, and fully recognise the invaluable service they provide to CPM and the Industry.

The cost of training can be expensive, however this investment in our staff delivers great value for money and we look forward to this initiative creating meaningful opportunities for those who take part.