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Countersketch International by Digital Wax

The jewellery manufacturing process has changed so much over the last two decades, enabling Jewellers to create specific refined jewellery pieces, that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture by hand. Thanks to all the new technologies available creating intricate pieces is no longer an issue.

To entice the new millennials into your store, visual applications and 3D technologies are a must for every retailer Digital wax has been committed to helping Jewellers make this transition as smooth as possible, introducing design software’s like Matrix 3D, Rhino 3D, Rhinogold and the latest retail software, Countersketch and affordable 3D printers. With the introduction of CSi, visual retail shopping has become a reality, making sales staff the new CAD designers. No training is required, it’s easy to learn and use.

CSi is a library of completed 3D CAD files that can easily be changed and customized into 500 000 different variations. No longer do you need to carry physical stock, you now have all the latest trending design in your visual library store.

Matrix 3D designing software is used by all the top manufacturing Jewellers across the globe, and the most recommended jewellery design software in the industry. Being exposed to all the different technologies available over the years, Digital wax will advise which software is a best fit for your business. and which CAM service to implement. 3D printing has also become a reality for many jewellers with the introduction of the Formlabs HD resin printers.

For more information on which technologies will best suit your business contact Eve at

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