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Gold is back!


t’s affordable and available to everyone thanks to Richline SA’s proprietary, technologically advanced production processes.

The newly added Gadoo line of light weight earrings and pendants offers gold that is affordable, yet durable.

With the gold price increasing dramatically in the past few years, gold jewellery, made in conventional methods used in the past, became unaffordable, especially in times of recession. Customers could no longer afford luxury pieces at the normal weights and were forced to find alternative products produced from bonded gold and or silver.

As fashion and technology change, so has the tastes of the consumer. However, gold has maintained its status in most consumers lives as a hallmark of quality and the preferred metal in fine jewellery.

The world renowned Gadoo lightweight ear products production line that was purchased in Israel during May 2016 is now fully operational and produces at capacity. We are proud and excited with the progress made and the fact that we have become a world class supplier to some of the world’s largest retailers and wholesalers.

Since the start-up of the Gadoo lines the uptake globally has even surprised our most optimistic forecasts.

Richline South Africa now has a range of fine jewellery pieces that caters for all the different income sectors globally. The new lightweight offerings make a huge difference in price for our customers and the end consumer without sacrificing quality.

One of our slogans is “Quality is not expensive, it is priceless” and to this end we have invested heavily into resources during 2017 which resulted in delivering quality on a consistent basis.


We are looking forward to introducing South Africa to this product and to get people excited about Gold again. During Jewellex this year we will showcase some of the more than 500 styles that is available in the
new range.

We predict that customers will in the near to medium term start looking again for lasting, timeless pieces that they can pass onto the next generation. Gold is back!”