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The words “Green Living “and Nature Conservation” are often spoken about, describing in broad terms, among other things, the constant supply of drinkable water, when speaking about the great waters of the World in general. It is a broad terminology for all living creatures which are part of our daily needs and lives, including the Oceans, Land and Sky.

I like to tell the Stories of a good example of nature conservation.

A number of years ago when there was a very bad oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I was watching the TV show of the kind folk who were following the turtles on the beaches of the Gulf coast, they were picking up the newly laid turtle eggs, packing them into baskets, very gently and flying them to the East Coast of the USA. There they buried them in the sand, so they would not hatch & waddle into the oily beach and sea! That was great to watch.

When the stories break of all the things like Large old ships, after the last World War, which have been sunk in the oceans to rust, and the latest problem of all the plastic that is clogging up the ports and inlets and rivers, which is certainly ‘Nature Conservation’ in reverse, it certainly makes a difference. Another bad accident happened in Durban, Natal, South Africa, in 2018, the sea was very rough at the time, when some of the large loads of plastic pellets slid off the ship. The multi-colour pellets floated out on the tide, and eventually landed on the beaches, miles away, unfortunately the birds and the fish thought it was food and ate them, sure could harm them badly, probably killed them. Instead of putting a Barrier up to prevent them from reaching the open sea and the beaches, they are now trying to sift the sea sand, which is an almost impossible task!!

When you stop to analyse, you realise all the reasons why new resources of energy will need to be found as the population in the World is growing at a fast rate. We should have more access to the underground resources of clean drinking water. Most will be found in the mountains and beautiful waterfalls, and we rely on good rains to keep the Dams filled. We will never know how much seawater is being desalinated, starting with temperature of the oceans and how they too differ, according to the locations and seasons.

This is where they talk about the pearl culturing regions who rely on good quality, nutrient laden waters, pollution free waters. That is a major requirement for the growing of beautiful sea and freshwater pearls in the mussels, oysters, abalone, Queen conch etc. natural and cultured pearls in the sea.  Where there is life in the waters, it will bring forth beautiful unblemished, pearls.Large Islands chosen by ‘Pearl Farmers’, must be pollution free and they keep it that way’. “Climate Change”, that is not the way I look at it – God is in control.

My theory is none of us can predict what is going to happen with the Seasons and we cannot presume what could and should happen. We must look after the World we are living in at the moment, the changes are normal. I have read that the coral reefs are reviving, they are so beautiful with fish of all sizes. Much has been said about the ‘Red Tide’ where the coral reefs die and turn white from the ocean warming, that is not a man-made problem. 

Another really bad thing that happens to the Coral reefs is that there are people who blow up the coral reefs with dynamite for their calcium content, to make calcium pills!!! That too kills off the Coral Reefs. I have a video of that happening.

The new variety of beautiful, different shapes, colours and sizes of freshwater pearls called “Souffle pearls” that the Chinese have perfected, are of good quality and will become very popular. It sounds crazy but they use mud balls pushed into the mussels, place it back in their River and after a certain time, they take the pearl out of the mussel, drill them on both sides, flush out the mud, and a pearl has been formed.

When we visited ALASKA, I was fascinated to see all the bears, small and large, standing in the rivers catching the salmon fish who were trying to swim up the rivers and actually jump up the rapids to   get to the Salmon’s usual breeding grounds, an absolutely amazing sight!  It makes you wonder, as that is ongoing every day.

Nature is always amazing, surprising us after the rains, with different plants shooting out of the previously dry ground. We are often difficult to please, but Nature just surprises us over and over.     

Inland dams are fertile waters for breeding freshwater trout and other fish. An ideal holiday for some folks who enjoy eating those varieties of fish. 

Like the Oceans of the World, the rivers need to be cleared of anything floating, as in plastic bottles, even more so of the coloured plastic bottle tops, which look like food, as they are picked up by the birds and ducks and even the fish, as they think it is edible, swallow it and choke.

They could die that way or they ingest the foreign objects that kill them very slowly, sadly as we can’t help them. 

I saw a documentary about the ships which were stripped of all the loose parts and sunk in a ‘graveyard,’ after the last World War.  Discovering more of the deep secrets like sunken ships lying under the waters of the world.  Another true story of sunken Treasure pearls, which were found many years later. These sunken ships become homes to many creatures as they nature takes over and covers them with underwater plants and corals.  There is an article on page 28 in my book “Pearls of Creation A-Z of Pearls”2nd Edition which tells the true story of the Spanish Galleon called “The Santa Margarita”.

I really enjoyed visiting a ‘freshwater’ pearl farm in Camden, Tennessee, where they are cultivating freshwater pearls in the clams and mussels in many different shapes. Natural pearls have been growing in the mussels in the rivers for many years. Freshwater pearls are never spherical as the mussel shells are too flat, but they produce good quality pearls.

Did you know that mother-of pearl buttons are made from mussel shells?

That has been going on for many generations in Muscatine, Iowa, USA.

Abalone also grow Natural pearls in the strangest shapes and most beautiful multicolours. By visiting a farm personally in Christ Church, New Zealand, I was able to learn about the beautiful mabé, half-pearls, as abalone only have one shell and a foot, in the most beautiful multicolours. Nothing is wasted in the industry as all the pieces of shell have been used in jewellery and different articles.  The flesh is always packed into the freezer and sold. There is a good market for everything.

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