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Benjamin Franklin famously said, “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” Profound, yes, and still absolutely true over two hundred years later. But improving our education doesn’t only mean attending school or university. As intelligent, curious adults, we should always be looking for ways to increase our knowledge and foster a love of life-long learning that enriches our lives and grows our minds.

This is something in which we at The Gem Lab believe very strongly. You may already know that we offer a Basic Gem Identification course – and you may even have completed it yourself. It’s extremely popular, and we’ll continue to run it on a regular basis throughout the year.
Following on from the success of this course, we’d like to remind you that you can now subscribe to our twice-monthly, educational emails designed to dramatically boost your knowledge and skills even more. Click here for a short demo video on how to separate synthetic moissanite from diamond and the seed plate in synthetic citrine.
Over the course of the year, you’ll learn how to identify treatments, imitations, synthetics and so much more. Retailers and wholesalers will find this knowledge invaluable – just watch how it helps you close more sales! It will also be of great interest to gem stone dealers, or even if you just have a keen interest in jewellery and gemstones. 
This wealth of information and skills is available to you at just R250 a month, or R3000 for the whole year. As an added benefit, I’m also offering all subscribers a 10% discount on any of our services. This could easily translate into a saving that more than pays for your subscription.
You really can’t afford NOT to take advantage of this “gem” of an offer. Subscription is easy – just click here.
For more information call me on 021 761 1746, or email

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