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Jewellers’ Network and WPO

This journey started with Skills Train and WPO Plant a Forest campaign in June 2018.

We managed to successfully plant 30 trees at the WPO Plant a Forest Site, Klein River Cheese Farm, Stanford. This is something we are incredibly proud of as our social responsibility program.

Therefore continuing our successful campaign we are taking it to the next level.

We at Jewellers’ Network have decided to elaborate on this and bring environmental responsibility to The Industry…

Henry Ford said:

Coming together is beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

In saying this we at Jewellers’ Network realise the importance of protecting the Earth’s Natural Resources. After all, without these resources, the Jewellery Industry would not even be a possibility. All of the materials our Industry depends on, come for Mother Earth.

We would like to invite our Advertisers and subscribers to take part in our 2019 endeavour and submit your insights and share your Environmental Responsibility Programmes and initiatives within The Jewellery, Diamond and Watch Industry in Southern Africa.

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What is WPO* Plant a tree?

*Women’s President Organisation

It has been shown that deforestation of indigenous trees has a significant impact on sustainable ecosystems including water shortages. Trees and forests gift humans with selfless love by providing clean air, protection, food and support to the smallest and biggest of living plants, animals, insects and humans. Walk through a forest, and feel the difference in your energy, mood and well-being. Let us reciprocate the goodwill gifted to us by trees and forests by supporting the SA Reforestation. Trust in the endeavour to sell 10 000 trees

WPO Plant a Forest

The mission is to plant a forest of 10 000 trees, one pledge at a time – in support of the South African Reforestation Trust

Restoring Hope

Thanks to a trusted, approved and prepared area of land, best suited for indigenous trees, the Cape Overberg ecology can be significantly restored with this effort

Reaching farther together

The WPO vision of “Reaching Farther together” brings all the resource of the WPO members in South Africa to champion a project that will make a significant environmental contribution

Reasons to buy a tree

Donate as as an individual/family/group/ team or organization and rally for trees
Create, gift or leave a living legacy, in remembrance/celebration of a friend or loved one
Celebrate life events such as birthdays, election day, mothers day, arbour day, Hanukah, Christmas etc.
Gift a tree instead of buying a card
Participate as a school involving the children in their future sustainability
…the opportunities are endless

How to buy a tree


1. Go to website

2. Pay online with your credit card

3. A certificate will be emailed to your chosen recipient.


For more than 10 trees complete order form and email together with bank POP/EFT to

Become a affiliate partner for bulk purchases.

Email to receive the affiliate form. Get your own a log in details and create your own certificate. You will be invoiced periodically.