Jewellers' Network

Jewellers’ Network is celebrating!

21 years ago, an idea was born.

Years on, we have evolved from just a leaflet and blossomed into an esteemed publication and Definitive Directory. 

A company specializing in connecting inspiration globally and networking The Diamond, Jewellery and Watch Industry.

An enormous thanks to our marvelous team for their unwavering commitment to growing our business from strength to strength. To all our Advertiser’s and Subscribers for their faith and support. 

We look forward to continuing building our brand, which is driven by our passion for creativity and exceeding expectations.”

Current Publisher


Wishes From our former publisher

A big congratulations to you Sancia and to your team, celebrating 21 years to Jewellers’ Network! 

You picked up the baton several years ago and built up the company as the undisputed B2B business-maker for the whole industry.

The Jewellers’ Network Directory is now an industry establishment and  the true ‘bible’ of suppliers. The Directory and Jewel Trader are looking better than ever. Well done!

I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since the 1st Edition back in 1996…. So much has changed in the industry and all around us. And Jewellers’ Network was there throughout.

I’m excited and look in anticipation to see what Jewellers’ Network will bring us in the years to come.

All the best and Mazal Tov.”

Neriel Hurwitz
Former Publisher