Jewellers' Network

Jewellers’ Network Changes in 2020

Jewellers’ Network is thrilled to share some exciting news with you…

Jewellers’ Network is rebranding The Jewel Trader!

With an extremely successful rebranding of The Definitive Directory in 2018, bringing a beautiful aesthetic and an incredibly efficient source of information to all sectors of The Jewellery, Diamond and Watch Industry…

We have decided to rebrand The Jewel Trader and elevate the Quarterly Publication to spearhead Jewellers’ Network into the forefront of the Industry once again .

The Jewel Trader becomes… LINKED by Jewellers’ Network, positioning it as a leading Audited Southern African Trade publication, featuring Local and International content.

Keeping with International standards and leading the Southern African Jewellery, Diamond and Watch Industry, we will keep providing a superior publication filled with Industry related content, relevant information and print worthy adverts.

True to our appealing aesthetic and worthy of featuring in every Retailers office for easy reference and consistent supplier sourcing .

LINKED by Jewellers’ Network will continue showcasing our wonderful Sustainability Initiative and keep linking The Jewellery, Diamond and Watch Industry in order to assist with growth and excellent business opportunities.