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The Jeweller’s story: Permit drive 2018


he Jewellers’ Story: Permit Drive 2018. An initiative from Metal Concentrators.

Charlotte, Grant and myself have now had 2 years of exposure to the retail jewellers and manufacturing jewellers in South Africa and in that time, we have learnt a lot about the trials and tribulations that impact upon our customers.

The Jewellers Story initiatives that we launched in the form of caricatures in phase one created a lot of interest in the public domain. This was followed up with a second phase which was to tell important stories sharing the collective wisdom of senior and innovative participants in the industry.

To date our Facebook site ( has had many hits encouraging MetCon to continue to find ways and means to contribute to the industry.


The current phase of books published will come to an end this year and is to be followed by a series of conversations with jewellers that will be filmed as short video clips and placed on our Facebook page. I have heard several of them and I promise you that they are both entertaining and inspiring for existing jewellers and new entrants to the industry.

Increasingly MetCon is coming across jewellers that are not applying for or renewing their Jeweller Permits. This is of grave concern in an industry which is regulated by statute, because it means that many jewellers are exposing themselves to fines and penalties that can impact their livelihood.

The application process for a Jewellers Permit is tedious and in some instances administratively complex for people who are not inclined to deal with the myriad of documents that are required for approval.

Often this results in submissions that are incomplete and rejected for reasons that should be possible to solve before submission, preventing frustration for all concerned.

There are consultants available that can assist applicants and they ensure that all the required documentation is in order before it is submitted to the regulator. This does not mean that the applicant can avoid putting together the required documents, but at least they know exactly what is needed! And that when submitted it will result in a Permit!

MetCon’s research into the use of consultants to assist applications, is that the process is expensive because it is labour intensive. Consequently, most applicants don’t use their services.

In an attempt to assist jewellers MetCon has decided to sponsor a Permit Drive by subsidising 50% of the fee payable to a MetCon approved consultant for an application for a new or renewal of a Jewellers Permit.

This sponsorship that MetCon offers is limited to the capacity and availability of consultants to assist applicants and clearly MetCon cannot warrant that applications will be successful. This offer will be valid for a 12-month period beginning with the opening of Jewellex 2017.

We urge you to take advantage of MetCon’s Permit Drive 2018!

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PERMIT DRIVE PROGRAMME please contact Linti Vincer at MetCon Centurion on 012 000 4440 OR