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Metal Concentrators was established in 1989 and offers a wide range of services, including refining of mined gold doré, secondary gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Over the years the Company was the first in South Africa to receive dual certification from the international Responsible Jewellery Council, which acknowledges high levels of integrity in gold trading.

The small size of the South African general manufacturing sector means that many parts of the economy are oligopolistic in nature. The precious metal refining sector is no different.

It is therefore not surprising that South Africa has a large precious metal refinery and only two or three smaller refineries that have the capability of refining gold to the level of 999+. Metal Concentrators falls into the latter category as the second largest South African refinery with an operation in Cape Town as well as Pretoria.

The company has recently upgraded its refining technology enabling it to produce a larger tonnage of 999+ gold for export which is part of its efforts to beneficiate South African metals.

Companies requiring refining now have an alternative or second refiner to balance their beneficiation risk profile.

We offer our suppliers financing structures with same day payment terms for secondary metal receipted as well as VAT financing for suppliers who wish to make use of the facility.

The Pretoria factory has serviced jewellers of all types for many years with their requirements for jewellers waste, metal alloys and findings.

The Cape Town factory specialises in silver refining and can offer casting services for jewellery items and metal alloys for manufacturing jewellers.

Metal Concentrators has invested significantly in upgrading its
in-house laboratory, equipping it to analyse materials using XRF technology as well as fire assay techniques to provide a fast and reliable service to suppliers.

As an integrated approach to Safety, Health and the Environmental issues is part of the day-to-day operational priorities of Metal Concentrators, improvements are continuously assessed and applied.  Focussed attention has been given to security at both factories to ensure secure access to the premises providing peace of mind for suppliers.

Metal Concentrators views all stakeholders as long term partners with a joint vision to contribute to the wellbeing of our Industry and our Country.


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