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Eureka App
Eureka is a mobile application that will change the way people in the diamond industry look/find/search for diamonds. It is a simple, updated stock-listing of diamonds that belong to registered dealers and has a powerful search feature to ensure quick access to specific diamonds required by other registered dealers.

Eureka is focused on the polished diamond industry that creates a virtual marketplace for diamond dealers to showcase their current stock, categorized by colour, cut, clarity, and carat and allows potential buyers to make contact with them.

Coloured Stone Grading - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our mini-course on coloured stone grading. Last week we looked at the key role colour plays in assigning a grade value to a gemstone. Today, we’re diving into clarity.

What do we mean when we talk about gemstone clarity?

Clarity refers to the degree to which a gem is internally included and/or flawed. It is interesting to note that these flaws don’t just affect the appearance of the stone: they can have an impact on its durability, as well. The grade is assigned based on just how visible those inclusions are. It is also affected by whether or not they can be seen with the naked eye, or if magnification (for instance, using a jeweller’s loupe) is needed to spot them.


Cape Town based Jewellery manufacturer is looking for a Sales Representative that is highly motivated and has a passion for excellent customer service. Knowledge of jewellery and a good understanding of the jewellery industry will be preferable. The applicant must be willing to travel.

Please submit your cv to jewellerycvs@gmail.com

OROAFRICA is SA’s leading wholesaler of jewellery products. We are currently looking to appoint an energetic and driven SALES REPRESENTATIVE at our Gauteng office located in Parktown, Johannesburg.

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