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PlatAfrica 2018 - Blessings of Love

In all cultures and religions, the arrival of a new baby is considered a blessing, a new and perfect gift.

With the theme, Blessings of Love, PlatAfrica 2018 looks to celebrate the significant milestones in the lives of young women.

Throughout life, each milestone successfully navigated by a daughter is celebrated and the blessing acknowledged. Each blessing focuses on a brighter future, the realisation of the child’s dreams and aspirations and her parents’ desire for a life filled with happiness and love.

The birthstone of June is Pearl

A Pearl is a symbol of purity, fertility, loyalty and friendship and thought to be the hardened tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Saltwater cultured pearls are 10 times rarer than diamonds and like snowflakes no two pearls are exactly alike.

There's a Gem Lab on your stoep!

For some reason, many South Africans labour under the misconception that if something comes from overseas, it must be better than anything we can buy here.

We love knowing that something is “imported,” which means it must automatically be more luxurious and desirable. I personally can’t understand this. South Africa has a wealth of knowledge and skills that produces an incredible variety of quality goods and services – all at a fraction of the price of the imported stuff.
Nick at The Jewelbox
FOR SALE: Manufacturing workshop closing down.
Miscellaneous Furniture and Workshop benches & tools

Please email Nick at or contact at 083 326 7141
Jeweller Seeking Employment
Mbulelo Ntshali has over 10 years experience in training, production, manufacturing and designing (freehand). Willing to relocate to Gauteng and can resume duties immediately.