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Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls


by Marge Dawson  

‘Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls’ includes a comprehensive section, Abalone – Zooplankton, which is fully cross-referenced, and contains many interesting and beautiful color pictures throughout. It also contains a history of Pearl Farms, William Saville-Kent, ‘Pearly Kings & Queens’, and more stories of general interest.

My background includes approximately 51 years in Direct Marketing in various fields. The best of all was the 3 years of marketing “Pearls in the Oyster” where my passion for pearls grew and has never waned in all the years since.

I had decided early on, that I wanted to write a handbook and a Dictionary of pearls. For over 30 of those years I collected interesting data on Pearls even visiting three pearl farms, one freshwater farm in the USA, the beautiful Paua Abalone farm in Christ Church, New Zealand, the Paspaley pearl Company in Australia, all cultivating beautiful, vastly different varieties of pearls.


My 1st edition of “Pearls of Creation” was a combination of all the data I had collected at that stage, and I self-published it in 2004, in South Africa and marketed it myself successfully by doing talks to all who were interested in pearls, even going live on TV to talk about my book. This edition only contained three pearl farms.

My success encouraged me to carry on gathering information and “Pearls of Creation” 2nd Edition was completed in 2012.

This edition highlights the dedication and passion of six incredible, world renowned, “Award winning” pearl farmers, who cultivate a variety of different, beautiful, natural colored pearls – Pearls Fiji, Pearls Micronesia, Paspaley in Australia, Jewelmer in the Philippines, Eyris Mabé in New Zealand, American Pearl Company Inc. in Nashville, TN, USA.

Also included in the book are the Conch pearls being cultivated by the Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch, Oceanographic Institute in the USA.


Oysters, Mussels, Conch, Clams and Abalone all produce cultured or natural pearls.

This 2nd edition includes additional valuable information and pictures of the seven vastly different pearl farms, and many different interesting subjects which were added to the History section. Many of the beautiful pictures were generously supplied by the farmers.


In 2014, I received a BRONZE AWARD for my book from the Jenkins Group in the USA, in the category of Nature Conservation. This was the best news ever, and a great honor.

“Pearls of Creation, A-Z of Pearls” is a unique book written in an easy-to-read format, which also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves pearls.



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