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Protea Diamonds

Protea Diamonds was established in 1966; as an independent diamond merchant, sourcing stones from the Northern Cape Province (principally the Wolmaranstad and Kimberley areas).

They purchased rough stones directly from the mines and polished a percentage in-house before selling both rough and polished diamonds into the local and international markets. A Jewellery division was established in 1999 to expand the existing business.

Protea Diamonds has a network of associated companies located in Israel, Australia, Belgium and the USA. Protea Diamonds (South Africa) is a primary supplier to these entities (all named Protea Diamonds).

Although diamonds are the primary trading products, other precious gemstones such as the currently fashionable tanzanite are also traded. Protea Diamonds services a niche in the local market, as well as their strategic alliance partners in Israel, Australia and Antwerp, Belgium.

The company’s mission is to be “a trend setting, niche leading diamond broker in South Africa supplying the international market”.

The vision is, “To be competitive, price wise, as we market our own jewellery range without any middle man.” This is carried forward throughout the company by minimizing corporate overheads and trading with their alliance partners.

  • Protea Diamonds Specialises in the following:
  • Calibrated Polished Smalls from 0.005ct – 0.50ct
  • Locally Certified Polished
  • Stones in Various Shapes from 0.30ct and Up
  • >9ct Gold and Diamond Jewellery
  • 18ct Gold and Diamond Jewellery
  • 9ct and 18ct Diamond and Semi-Precious Jewellery

We currently have a GREAT Team in our Johannesburg Branch as well as our Cape Town Branch and we Believe that going forward, protea Diamonds will excel and expand to much greater heights!

We all know the popular name…


JHB: 011 484 7205  |  CPT: 021 424 2002