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How do they do it?

What makes a successful business? Is it it the turnover or the GP?

Customer satisfaction?

Well yes but….

It is also the experience that the staff have on a day to day basis which translates into the energy that the customers feel and the impact that that office has on its areas of influence.

Be it customers, staff or surrounding community, Tomer Doron believes in uplifting and positively influencing his surroundings.

“All staff spend the majority of their day with us, our customers do too and our immediate surroundings reflect our influence. Positive, negative or ambivalent attitudes and actions all have consequences” – Tomer

Richard Branson says “Customers don’t come first, staff comes first. Look after your staff and they will look after your customers” .

Tomer’s strategy is to create the right culture at the office. “Hire the right people for the right job and most of all, treat them right”

Tomer has just been appointed for the 2nd year in a row to the executive committee of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa. His portfolio, Social Corporate Responsibility and Entertainment.

The Club has been formed to foster the interests of the diamond, precious stones and jewellery industries and trade.

To provide a meeting place in the manner of an exchange or bourse for the conducting of business amongst members of such industries and trade. To serve as a social meeting place for members and to provide the customary amenities of a social club.

To protect the interests of members and to regulate the conduct of members and make rules in regard thereto (source:

The Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa in its mandate to foster the interests of the diamond, precious stones and jewellery industries supports various charitable causes and has annual drives to collect funds from its members to distribute.

Tomer heads up this portfolio and is passionate about specifically supporting local initiatives. Some of the past recipients have been FeedSA, Guild Cottage and Rainbow of Hope

Tomer has brought this passion with him to his role in managing the Protea Diamonds Cape Town branch and all the staff are on board.

“Protea Diamonds Cape Town staff selects a new charity or cause to support every month and we encourage our customers to join us” – Tomer

Some of the past charities and initiatives supported over the last 9 months since Tomer took over running the Protea Diamonds Cape Town branch are: Operation Hydrate (distributes water collected to drought stricken areas), Safe Cities (supplies housing and social services to homeless youth) and Handbags of hope (supporting rape victims and victims of child abuse).

We will continue to try and make a difference and to encourage others to join us