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Protea Diamonds – Jewellex Stand of the year 2017


Not only does Protea Diamonds have a reputation for exceptional Diamonds and Jewellery; but they now also proudly boast the Trophy for Stand Of The Year 2017.

Protea Diamonds, who has attended almost every Jewellex since inception more than 35 years ago, was proud to have received the Award for Stand Of The Year at Jewellex 2017. Jewellers Network speaks to Donna Oosthuizen who was responsible for organizing the stand at this year’s show.

Why is it important for Protea Diamonds to be present at Jewellex?

It provides us with an ideal platform to promote our products – not only to our existing clients, but to potential clients as well. It’s also a great opportunity for us to see those existing clients and build our relationships with them. We really enjoy knowing them on a personal level and helping them grow.  Not only do we help our clients grow, without them, we as a Company cannot grow either. 

Why is it important for buyers to visit your stand at Jewellex?

Jewellex brings together like-minded individuals. If a buyer’s interested in purchasing, this is the perfect opportunity for them to explore their options.  It is very important for buyers to visit our stand, not only because we offer Trending Jewellery at unbeatable prices, but we also have the best Complimentary Goodie Bags for our clients;-)

The Protea Diamonds stand at Jewellex is always impressive. Tell us more about the process of preparing it?

I am an absolute control freak, I like to know what’s new and trending all the time in Order for me to ensure that Protea Diamonds stays updated with the latest fashion and trends. I enjoy seeing different concepts and ideas from overseas and then planning and implementing it to compliment Protea Diamonds and our clients.  Preparation for Jewellex starts in March. The process is quite complex therefore; the more time we have to plan, the better for us. A tremendous amount of thought, research, planning and deciding on the jewellery ranges we display goes into it, among many other things.  Our Plans are drawn up and ready in May and that’s when the “fun” (stress) starts.  When we’re in the final stages of preparing our stand a day or two before the show starts, adrenaline, excitement, nervousness and everything kicks in.  When everything is ready and the organisers announce that the doors will be opening for the Show, that’s when a complete calmness comes over you and you really feel so grateful for every person who has contributed and helped to make the Stand and everything that goes with it, possible.

We would like to thank each and every person who has been a part of Jewellex and has helped us Win the Award for Stand Of The Year 2017.  Our Company has undergone some changes throughout the year and we are so so proud to be where we are today.  We can say with comfort that we have the best team who is loyal and dedicated and that our Products are of the best quality and pricing in the market.

Thank you to the Jewellery Council for the Award and for each and every person who has complimented or congratulated us on our Stand and Products.  We look forward to growing and expanding our horizons even further.

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