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Youth Employment Services Programme & Jewellery Manufacturing Learnerships

Through skills development, Rand Refinery seeks to encourage and actively support the integration of workplace training, theoretical learning and to facilitate the journey individuals make from school, college or university to sustained employment.

Emphasis is placed on “on-the-job “training to enable trainees to enter the formal workforce or create a livelihood for themselves. The emphasis is particularly on those who do not have relevant technical skills or adequate reading, writing and numeracy skills to enable them to access employment. Rand Refinery established the Gold Zone on the company premises which is the host of the initial phases of the Jewellery Village.

The aim of the Jewellery Village is to create an environment which will enable local communities to participate in skills development, specifically jewellery design and manufacturing. The vision is that entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and tourism will all benefit from this initiative in the future.

Two projects that Rand Refinery are proud of are the Jewellery Manufacturing learnership programme and the Youth Employment Services programme.

Youth Employment Services (YES) Programme

Rand Refinery has made a commitment towards skills development and entered into a Business led collaboration with government and labour to create work opportunities for the unemployed youth.

Government launched the Youth Employment Service (YES) in March 2018 and further gazetted the YES Programme in August 2018. The YES Programme is driven by business and fully supported by Government and Labour.

From Left to Right:
YES Candidate at work: HR Department
YES Candidate & Mentor: Legal Department

The aim of the YES Programme is as follows:

  • Recognizes the critical role the youth play in shaping our economy and our country.
  • Enables companies & communities to create one million opportunities over time
  • Seeks out ground breaking ways, through innovation and technological best practice to create one million jobs for South Africa’s youth.
  • Equips the youth with the ability to be what they have the potential to be.
  • Reduce inequality by affording all youth an opportunity into the labour market, to build incomes and to invest inclusively.

Rand Refinery has recruited 28 unemployed youths as per the normal recruitment process. The youths have been placed across the various functional areas of Rand Refinery. The programme is a 12-month program that will give the youths work experience and a monthly stipend.

Products made by Skills Development learners

Jewellery Manufacturing Learnerships

In 2019 as a commitment towards skills development, focusing on leaners with disability; Rand Refinery entered into a partnership and agreement with Intsika Skills Beneficiation Project and the Mining Qualifications Authority to deliver a Jewellery Manufacturing Learnership Programme.

During the term of this Agreement Rand Refinery made a commitment towards the payment of all costs, expenses and training costs, for the twenty (20) learners enrolled on the Programme.

All learning material has been developed and customized to cater for learners with disabilities ranging from intellectual challenges and learning difficulties as well as physical disabilities.

The learnership is a 12-month programme which commenced on the 1st March 2019 and will end on the 28th February 2020. The learner’s progress is collaboratively managed and monitored to offer support where required.

Upon completion, the candidate will receive a certificate of competence in Jewellery Manufacturing at NQF level 3’.

Once the learners have completed their level 3 qualification, they will be enrolled for the NQF level 4 qualification.

The next level will be enrollment on the Artisan Development programme. The Intsika training team that facilitates the learnership programme consists of 7 Goldsmiths,10 facilitators and Assessors as well as 3 Moderators.

All training staff are fully qualified and skilled to train learners in Jewellery Manufacturing qualifications and artisan programmes.The Jewellery Manufacturing Learnership is an opportunity for leaners living with disabilities to look beyond the disabilities and focus more on their capabilities.

The progress that the leaners have made during the Jewellery manufacturing learnership has illustrated that given a chance they can contribute meaningfully towards the South African economy.

Rand Refinery is contributing towards job creation and sustainable income streams. Skills development and the creation of decent work is a crucial step along the journey of improving the lives of persons with disabilities, and moves the company closer to a more inclusive society for all as envisioned in the Freedom Charter.

From Left to Right:
Jewellery Manufacturing Learnership Programme Stakeholder Team Photo (Learnership Candidates, Intsika Team and Rand Refinery Team)
YES Candidate & Mentor: SHEQ Department

Jewellery Manufacturing learnership journey and progress

Rand Refinery contributes towards the national strategies of having sustainable communities.

The skills received by the beneficiaries of the skills development partnerships and collaborations entered gives the candidates the competencies to make marketable accessories and castings.