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Richline SA

It is with a grateful heart that I think about Richline South Africa’s humble beginnings back in 2012.

The business world in SA was excited by Berkshire Hathaway’s Richline Group acquiring it’s first business on the local front. The euphoria of thinking that the golden duck arrived and all will be well quickly dissipated with the reality of the decline in the jewellery industry.

The buzz word amongst our management team was and still is to continue to reinvent ourselves as a jewellery manufacturer with creative designs, products and services to remain a sustainable force in the industry.

Our basket of fine jewellery products offered to the market expanded on a regular basis, with the addition of bonded products, hollows, industrial products and the world’s lightest ear products produced in 9ct, 10ct, 14ct gold.

Recently we acquired a CNC wedding band lathe which now enables us to manufacture large volumes of the most affordable wedding bands (plain, fancy) in the market at consistent quality on a continuous basis.

Richline South Africa is looking forward to 2018 and beyond to continue on this exciting journey of growth and showcasing our capabilities to the local and export markets.