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Jenni Gault has been designing for 33 years and has established a line of precious jewellery specializing in incorporating precious Metals with SWAROVSKI® Crystal.

The craftsmanship and inspired stories of the designs make each piece classic and timeless.

Now known as “Jenni Gault International Jewellery Design”, she has taken this boutique range global. In July 2006 she was selected as the exclusive Jewellery Designer for SWAROVSKI® at SA Fashion Week. Building on her relationship with Swarovski she was soon after awarded her license under their SWAROVSKI® brand.

Jenni Gault has produced a range of bespoke Swarovski crystal bracelets for PJ Powers.

The range, Circle of Hope, was launched in October in London, followed by a fundraising event scheduled for the 10th December in Port Elizabeth.

Over the years Jenni has supported multiple NGOs through the donation of her jewellery for auctioning and other fundraising purposes. She is now desirous of applying her years of experience and knowledge in marketing her products internationally and investing them in disadvantaged South African communities, starting off with her home town Port Elizabeth.


The Shining Light project aims to create opportunities for enterprise, job creation, work readiness and practical experience for suitably assessed youths from Grade 10 onwards to participate in a four-day jewellery manufacturing training programme run by Jenni Gault, aimed specifically at providing participants with sufficient know-how to produce a basic range of jewellery, which will be marketed globally as a product produced for the benefit of the community by all participating partners through multiple avenues.

The jewellery range will be designed by Jenni Gault and positioned as a low-cost yet quality gift item, retailing at approximately R200 excluding VAT (made of leather and featuring one singular Swarovski crystal), 50% of which will go towards covering the costs of the production and distribution by Jenni Gault, with the balance being allocated to Khulisa and for payment to participants for specific projects, or against work produced on a pre-determined basis with each of the entities it will be working with.

Master trained youths (males and females) will be trained throughout South Africa in order to oversee the production of the bracelets against orders received. It is the intention of the parties that within the next six months, in order to ensure availability of bracelets at significant events where PJ Powers will be performing, that youth on a national level will be responsible for the production of sales generated, on a short and medium term basis.

Where appropriate, manufacturers will be sought from the communities where PJ will be performing and/or where she is currently supporting specific products.

It is the aim that as the business opportunities grow, each of the manufacturing teams will be matched with mentors in order to provide ongoing skills for business development, jewellery design, marketing and administration.

Numbers of youths to be assessed: Initial group – 10 to 15 increasing to anything between 200 and 500 during the course of the next year.


On 10 December 2016 at the Fairview Racecourse the first 200 bracelets created featuring leather and Swarovski crystal will be launched to the public. These will be manufactured by a group of four girls, identified by Khulisa Social Solutions, in collaboration with Masiphathisane Senior Secondary School with whom Khulisa has an existing relationship.

Four were selected, following the first ever intelligence testing done by Pivotal Talent

Additional orders received for the bracelets will result in a further range being manufactured by the trainees in the New Year. With ongoing marketing support, it is envisaged that this could become a sustainable project for any group of aspirant jewellery manufacturers and entrepreneurs, through an intensive marketing campaign.