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Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts


The Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts was founded in Taiwan, 1991. During the early years, the focus point of the company was to process Myanmar jade, and built a processing factory for Myanmar jade in Yunnan, China. In 1992, the founder of Top Kang, Mr. Liang, specialized in the cutting technology of Color Stones in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, taking a leap to provide the service of manufacturing Color Stones.

The Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts is familiar with the major mineral areas around the world. They explore deeply into Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, South America, and other places, insisting on possessing the most valuable and the rarest gems and mineral for the customers. After acquiring the stones with high quality, the design team of Top Kang takes the next step to present one-of-a-kind jewelry compositions.


From left to right: The Gorgeous Dress (Mexico Fire Opal Necklace), Queen (Mexico Fire Opal Bangle), The Mexico Fire Opal Ring

From processing the stone to customizable design, each stone is picked with caution, processed with special cutting technique, then hand crafted to its final form. Top Kang insists to present the most ideal artwork to fulfill their consumers; therefore, they hold the brand philosophy of “Design in Taiwan and Made in Taiwan.” With their products produce in Taiwan, they are able to guarantee exquisite artworks that satisfy their customers. Furthermore, they can promote the gifted Taiwanese designers and the metalworking lines to showcase on the international platform.


From left to right: A set of Jadeite Ring and Jadeite Earring, Fairy (The Ring Design of Aquamarine)

During 2003 to 2004, the Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts had the honor to accept an invitation from the National Museum of Natural Science of Taiwan, displaying more than three hundred items ranging from Rough, Loose Stone to Fine Jewelry for as long as a year. Throughout the year, over one million visitors have obtained valuable and thorough information about gems. Top Kang provided this opportunity to encourage people to realize the beauty of the Earth, specifically, the beauty of natural gems.


From left to right: Elegance ‧ Glamour (Fancy Sapphire Brooch / Pendant), The Sapphire Bracelet

Throughout the years, the Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts tours the world’s and Mainland China’s major jewelry shows, showcasing and marketing all types of gems and jewelries works. The Top Kang Lapidary & Jewelry Arts participates in the Hong Kong’s international jewelry show each season, respectively in March, June, September and December, serving collectors and competitors from all over the world with the specialized characters and abilities.