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For those who don’t know, who is Bassano?

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Bassano is a family owned and run business established in 2005. We started from a small office at the back of my father’s factory in Kempton park with a silver range and over the years we kept introducing new products and expanded our range to include gold and diamonds.

We are now diamond wholesalers and direct importers of gold and silver jewellery from Italy. With offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town we are able to service our clients throughout Southern Africa.

How are you finding business since Covid?

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Considering the current state of affairs and restrictions we have been extremely blessed. We have had to adjust, like everybody else, but we remain positive and look forward to the return of normality.

I believe that it is largely due to the diversity in both our product offerings and customer base that we have been able to maintain a steady flow of sales during this period.

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What products do you offer?

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        • Gold and Silver chains
        • Gold Earrings & Pendants
        • Natural Certified Diamonds
        • Lab Grown Diamonds
        • Brilliant cut and fancy shape melee
        • Gold and Silver jewellery
        • Watch straps 

Where do you see Bassano in the next 5 years?

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I see us expanding our ranges in order to be a one stop shop for our clients. We are always looking for new and exciting products to add to our collections.

We are working on expanding our clientele both in and outside of South Africa.

There is much more to come, wait and see…

What is your hope for the industry?

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With technology and the internet advancing at such a rapid speed and everything being so price driven, I find that as a whole we have lost the fundamental values that used to make this industry so special. To a large extent customers have become just an order number as online sales have taken away the intimacy of the traditional jewellery buying experience. I would like to see the magic and passion return and for it to become personal once again, where building relationships becomes as valuable, if not more, than just making the sale itself.

We have a great team and we work really hard to provide our clients with the best possible products and service. That is what keeps me confident that we will be here for many years to come.

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I would like to thank our customers who have supported us and who continue to support us. We appreciate you.

Contact Us:
+27 011 704 5667 / 4164

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