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Interview – Face to face with 3 armed robbers…

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Marc Daems. I am a diamond trader in the Diamond Club of Antwerp Belgium and a jewellery manufacturer.

How did you get into this business?

My grandfather Frans Andries founded his company in 1926, a diamond polishing company with 32 diamond polishers at that time. Due to the ever-increasing demand for polished diamonds, the company was transformed in 1955 in “Andries & Co” and grew to 220 diamond polishers.

In 1982, I joined the company and a couple years later, in 1988, I founded the company Daems Diamonds. It mainly deals with selling diamonds, as well on national as on international basis.  Because our clients were not only interested in buying diamonds but also in buying completely finished jewels, a daughter company was founded in 1991. It was named Daems Jewels with its  own particular style and a new range of products.

Frans Andries

Where does the link of your diamond business and Fog Bandit come from?

When you are active in the diamond and jewellery industry, you quickly know that you need the best reliable security systems available on the security market. In 2007, the Bandit Fog generator was introduced to me. Without any hesitance, the decision was made to have this World-renowned active security system installed in our offices in Belgium.

End December 2019, my family fell victim to an unfortunate armed robbery. The Bandit Fog system was activated, stopping intruders in their tracks. As result of having this effective system, it saved my family’s lives and protected all our assets. I think that I can speak from experience.

Tell us more about your transition to becoming a Fog Bandit importer in South Africa.

When my son started studying at the University of Stellenbosch in 2011, I travelled to South Africa regularly and since then I became a permanent resident. During my spare time I visited many jewellers and I noticed that most jewellers have already been victim of brutal robberies. 

I was surprised that most jewellers only had CCTV and an alarm system that was usually connected to a control room. After an extensive market research, I determined that there were no other really innovative systems available to properly repel armed robbers.

In 2017, I founded Daems Bandit Security (PTY) Ltd and started as a sole importer with the Belgian security product FOG BANDIT which is currently the World Leader in active security.

Fascinating career, tell us a bit more how Fog Bandit differs from all other products?

Fog Bandit is the fastest fog generator worldwide and each part is produced integrally in Belgium. Therefore, it is not an assembled product with inferior and cheap foreign components.

Furthermore, Fog Bandit only needs 0.1 seconds to begin projecting a stream of dense fog that helps disorientate intruders, minimise damage, and prevent loss.

Security fogging deterrent has proven to be incredibly effective in preventing theft or damage once an intruder has broken into a business. It also protects staff and customers from the danger of violent crime. 

As the security fog system leaves no residue, it can be used in any environment without the worry of damaging stock. Fog Bandit is projecting security fog over six metres in just two seconds. This fog system is a deterrent that gives intruders no time to think, forcing them to retreat. 

Some products eject much less fog, less dense, and also less quickly, which means more danger for the staff and the stealing of jewellery. That is why quality over price is always the sustainable choice. The security fog is a harmless mixture of water and food grade glycol, meaning it meets UK, European, and International air quality standards.

Can I assume that Fog Bandit can make a difference to our jewellers?

Indeed, only in Europe more than 140,000 Fog Bandits have been already placed successfully and when you look at the statistics you can conclude that 95% of all armed robberies on jewellers completely failed.

Can you give our readers any final advice?

Yes definitely. With robberies on jewellery stores becoming more and more violent, jewellers and manufacturers should secure themselves better with innovative security systems and not just rely on passive security systems like CCTV and alarms. Knowing that you have a system that can immediately take out the robbers, it will give you a reassuring feeling as a jeweller and will be able to focus on customer reception and sales.