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Brand Development Offering


Brand Design


We have come to realise there’s a need in the market for professional Brand Design. JEWELLERS’ NETWORK, in collaboration with Creating Ripples Design Studio is offering full Brand Design Packages in order to assist and grow your business.

Why do you need a professional logo?

A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, versatile and simple in form. A concept or “meaning” is usually behind an effective logo. A logo is a fundamental element of your brand identity. It creates a visual representation of your business and sets the tone for your overall brand image. A unique and memorable logo helps your business stand out in the minds of customers. Your logo communicate essential information about your brand, such as your values, personality and the type of products or services you offer. Investing in a professional brand design can be a crucial step in building a strong foundation for your brand. It’s a visual representation of your business and a well-crafted logo can contribute significantly to your overall success in the market.

Service Offering

BRAND DESIGN PACKAGES – 2-3 Logo Concept Options to choose from, Logo Colour Variations, Secondary Logo, Logo Mark, Colour Palette (with colour codes), Typography (font selections), Design elements (imagery), 3-6 page Brand Guidelines Reference Document, download link with Logo File Formats (eps, jpeg, png and pdf)
STATIONERY DESIGN – Business Cards (Print & Digital), Letterheads, E-mail Signatures
LAYOUT DESIGN – Brochures, Posters, Company Profiles, Product Catalogues, Newsletters
ADVERTISING DESIGN – Print and Digital Adverts & Banners

The final result will be a cohesive and aligned visual identity that authentically speak to who you are and is a true reflection of your business.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand Guidelines are an essential asset that gives you and your team the
tools to implement your brand consistently across all marketing channels,
from your website and social media to email signatures and advertising. You
won’t have to constantly question yourself on things like, “What font should I
use? What color should I use? How should this look?” It is a reference guide
for communicating consistently and efficiently in all your marketing materials.


“Ria goes over and above as she coaches and guides brands to discover and create their visual identity. She is an absolute expert in translating ideas into visual solutions with impact. Ria’s attention to detail in the creative process provides immense value and inspiration to businesses who want to tell their brand stories.”
Celeste Venter – Experienced Communications & PR professional.