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Chris Joubert Photography



Jeweller’s Network is proud to announce a collaboration between ourselves and Chris Joubert Photography. Jewellers’ Network has come to realize there’s a huge
gap in the market for proper product photography. We are therefore bringing you this fantastic initiative in order to assist and grow your business.

Chris Joubert is a very skilled photographer who has been honing his skills since the 80’s. Chris is a multi-faceted photographer with many accolades behind his name, he received one of the highest from the Photographic Society of South Africa the FPSSA. The FPSSA is awarded for excellence and distinguished ability, this recognizes a high standard of achievement in the art and science of Photography. His engineering background reflects in his attention to detail in his commercial work. He loves the complexity of light and shadow and his commercial work becomes a dramatic work of art. Jewellers’ Network has equivalently carved a professional niche for themselves in the field of trade magazines. With this endeavor, we are creating a seamless turn-key advertising portal whereby product photography becomes more effective and less time-consuming. By choosing Jewellers’ Network and Chris Joubert Photography, you can rest assured of world class service and eye-catching adverts that not only generate solid business but also leave a lasting impression. This service will include collection and delivery of all goods photographed in a professional studio. Special packages will be arranged in accordance to your needs.


Jewellers’ Network
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Chris Joubert
082 907 8888