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METCON – Jewellery Excellence Masterclass


A Commitment To Supporting And Growing South Africa's Talent

Located within the newly developed Jewellery Manufacturing Precinct in the OR Tambo Special Economic Zone, JEM offers up-and-coming jewellers the opportunity to take their small businesses to new heights.

Training Is Key To Development

Based in the South African Diamonds and Precious Metal Regulator (SADPMR) building, participating jewellers will have access to a fully equipped, state-of-the-art workshop where they can bring their ideas and designs to life.

Metcon Is Proud To Announce Its Support

The future of the jewellery industry depends on our ability to share information, collaborate and cultivate trust in our national product, together. As part of our ongoing commitment to help the development of South African jewellers on a local and global stage, MetCon is proud to announce its support of a newly launched project in partnership with the Gauteng IDZ: Jewellery Excellence MasterClass (JEM).

MetCon Supports The Initiative

In addition to offering the workspace and equipment, MetCon supports the initiative by outsourcing some of its jewellery manufacturing to these jewellers to aid in the growth of their businesses. Training is key to development, which is why participating jewellers will be undergoing regular, multi-disciplinary master classes, to help equip them with the skills needed to take their creativity and businesses to the next level, both in South Africa and internationally.

South African Artists

Participating jewellers for 2023 include Ayanda Zondi, Samuel Motitsoe, Kamogelo Phago and Isabel Bothma. We look forward to following the journeys of these talented South African artists as they collaborate, grow and share their work with the world.

From left to right: The talented Ayanda Zondi, Samuel Motitsoe, Kamogelo Phago pictured in the SADMR building – home to their new workspace and training facility. Isabel Bothma, will also be joining the group later in the year.