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Out Of Africa

Out of Africa……..The Beauty of the African Gemstone

Nicknamed the “Mother Continent” Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on the planet, boasting unmatched natural beauty and diversity within its food, culture,
wildlife, breathtaking views, and Natural resources. 

Deep within the African earth, under extreme temperatures and pressures, African gemstones were formed. These precious stones have been mined over the course of many years and new deposits are still being found. A series of unique conditions and the availability of specific ingredients are required for these gemstones to form.

  African gemstones are in abundance, but whether a collector’s item or a fashion choice, these gemstones are a great reminder of the vast richness and variety of the continent. 

E.G.L South Africa is an independent Gemmological Laboratory. EGL South Africa opened in Johannesburg in 1980 and we pride ourselves on being 100% South African owned. We believe that African natural resources and beauty should be promoted. That is why we have invested in a unique African report so we can highlight African gemstones and our pride in our African heritage.