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Brand Background and Inspiration

Welcome to Victoria Orpen Jewellers (VOJ) founded by Roxanne Campbell in 2012.

We are a South African jewellery design and manufacture brand. We were dormant for two years and started trading on Saturday 18 April 2015 at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein Johannesburg.

The is brand is inspired by and named after her parents.

Anne Victoria and Stanthew Orpen

We are building an international brand and our foundation is Roxanne’s family legacy. 

We design and manufacture jewellery with an artistic flair. We have extended our services to diamond and gemstone polishing.

Fulfilling a desire for quality, craftsmanship and the art of jewellery design.

We are craving our corporate identity through our craft.

We participate in a number of international trade shows such as Bijorcha, JIS Miami, JA New York, NY Now, Decorex Jhb, and SARCDA, Kamers Vol Gesekenke and Made in Africa.

  Our product range consists of Carnation inspired flower earrings and rings, cufflinks, stack rings, unisex rings with resin or acrylic all manufactured in South Africa in sterling silver. 

Our medallion earrings and pendant fretwork range in brass metals such as aluminum, brass or copper with either a polished or a

“VOJ has been an eleven year dream and an eight year hustle.”

Starting our business was the easiest part, we have been blessed with amazing clients who have supported and bought into our brand. Entrepreneurship is an exciting career and lifestyle which requies constant learning, embodying your brand, trusting your madness, innovation, faith, resilence, love, passion as well as endless commitment .

In a nutshell marriage… one has to ride the wave and adjust your sail while setting your sights on new horizons. My biggest aspiration is to grow and scale the enterprise beyond Africa as well as niche into the gifting sector.”

Be bold,
Be daring,
Be different,
Most importantly be yourself!

What 2024 signifies to VOJ is growth, stability, carving and solidifying our corporate identity in the luxury goods sector. This year is symbolic of countless sacrifices working
towards building our company vision of an international brand in luxury goods. 2023 was a year of learning, broadening my horizons with the assistance of mentors and
coaches through a 12 month Womhub Economic Growth Accelerator (EGA) in STEM (Science, Technology and Manufacturing). The EGA allowed me to build my business acumen, delve into complexities around knowing your business, product offering and understanding how to grow your enterprise.

I was then selected for the International Trade Centre (ITC) SheTrades Accelerator in Jewellery Design niche programme which equips one for international trade shows and learning how to build a design business within your respective field.

I was then selected and sponsored by SADPMR (South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator) to participate in a 12 month Enterprise Development Programme for
diamond processing and manufacturing. I received technical training on diamond manufacturing, from rough diamonds, sorting, planning, cutting, automated and manual polishing.

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I gained in 2023, it has warped my thinking and altered my approach to building my business.

In 2024 we will focus on growing our jewellery product offering as well as extend our services to selling polished diamonds and gemstones. Our focus is to promote as well as educate our database about quality and timeless elegance. In our current fast fashion economy; quality and elegance is lost due to companies wanting to maximize revenue. 

Selling the art of jewellery design to revive our SA jewellery industry and help consumers understand the age old art of hand crafted jewellery manufacture.