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Jewelry eCommerce

Combining Richline Group Inc.’s diverse expertise in the jewelry industry with top-tier engineering and digital marketing talent, RICHLINE DIGITAL, exists to create world class e-commerce experiences.

Leveraging a proprietary e-commerce platform, our growing portfolio includes, Gemvara and the world renowned Silpada and Honora brands. By working directly with jewelry consumers, while also partnering with the world’s largest retailers, we have crafted a unique approach to finding online jewelry retailing.

The basket of products Richline SA offers to the industry has expanded significantly. “We’re extremely excited about the developments at Richline SA and are thrilled to share our new offerings with the industry,” says Managing Director Johan Bezuidenhout. “The past year has thrown the industry a number of curveballs, which makes us grateful to be in a position to offer clients additional products and services to help their businesses thrive. The existing casting processes have been upgraded and expanded. Our new offerings now include 3D printing, specials and repair work. These are in addition to our current services, which include design, casting, stamping, industrial products and manufacturing.”

We’ve also embarked on a new marketing strategy which includes a digital platform to safely meet with customers and to showcase new product concepts and trends. We look forward to assisting clients with their designs and taking them from an initial concept to a finished product, says Johan Bezuidenhout.