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Gemmological training

The opportunity to do gemmological training in the comfort and safety of your own home

By Alan Lowe, Gem Training International

To say that our world has been turned upside down is an understatement. The new “normal” is a far cry from what we all were used to. All businesses have had to re-evaluate and adjust their business models and how they are going to operate to be successful in the changed environment. The necessity for skills, reskilling and/or up-skilling is greater than ever before and we at Gem Training International have spent the last few months re-aligning our courses, adding a new course for jewellers· staff and updating our online portal.

We are now better prepared to assist both the individual and corporate to increase their knowledge and in so doing increase their effectiveness in sales, purchasing, control or managerial functions. The study of gemmology requires in most cases, both the study of theory and the “all important”, practical, where the theory is put into practice and the use of gemmological testing equipment explained and used for the course, whether it be diamonds or coloured gemstones.

The theory modules for all the courses are done online via our e-learning portal that houses all the course material, assessments, and completion certificates. Where connectivity is a challenge, the courses can be done by correspondence. The practical training modules take place in a Covid-19 compliant classroom facility. All the equipment and gemstones necessary for the courses is provided. The course material can be tailored to suit an organizations specific requirement, as can the practical modules. Each course has been designed and structured with a particular objective and outcome in mind:


The objective of this course is to give the student, a comprehensive theoretical background and knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading, from the formation through to the pricing of the polished gem, re-enforced by the practical grading, identification, and overall assessment of the diamonds. This course is tailored for those who will be grading, buying, and selling diamonds.


The objective of the course is to give the students an in-depth overview of diamonds from formation and characteristics with the emphasis on the 4 C’s and the understanding as to the make-up of the information on diamond reports. This course is tailored to those in the retail environment.


The objective of this course is to give the student knowledge and an understanding of the most popular 18 gemstones, their properties, common simulants, synthetics, treatments, and the testing equipment required for coloured gemstones. The practical module re-enforces the theory learnt online. This course is designed for those in the retail environment or entering the coloured gemstone environment


The objective of this course is to give the student a background, knowledge and understanding of the metals used in jewellery manufacturing, including grades and hallmarking. This course is aimed at those who are in the retail environment or involved with jewellery manufacture.

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