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About Us

Jewellers’ Network is the leading media and information company for the Jewellery, Watch & Diamond Industry in Southern Africa.


Jewellers’ Network is the cornerstone of the Jewellery, Watch and Diamond Industry.

The company offers exceptional service to all trading in and with the Jewellery, Watch and Diamond Industry by offering unique services, valuable information, news, a detailed referral system and more.

Jewellers’ Network is an exciting company that is not only creating opportunities for interaction and networking, but is stimulating trade and promoting local manufacture.

Our History

Jewellers’ Network is the culmination of 23 years worth of hard work compiling information on companies within the sector to create a unique and extensive database of suppliers. Established in 1995, it has, through the years, evolved into a dynamic company that appeals to a very large and diverse audience, nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

Jewellers’ Network aims to connect inspiration globally by providing innovative ways to promote local manufacture, network, create opportunities for interaction, stimulate trade, explore export opportunities and spread knowledge in the Jewellery, Watch, & Diamond sector. It is committed to the growth and development of this industry in Southern Africa.

Our Services

Jewellers’ Network Business Directory

Jewellers’ Network Definitive Directory is Southern Africa’s biggest, most comprehensive business category directory in the Jewellery, Watch, & Diamond industry. It is an invaluable tool, for both national and international professionals within the sector.

The company’s extensive database features over 3,000 suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the industry conveniently arranged by business category. The information is published annually in the Jewellers’ Network Business Directory and is conveniently found on our website.

This directory is referred to as ‘The Definitive Directory’ by those in the industry.

Fact: Jewellers’ Network published the first-ever trade directory for the sector way back in 1995.

Referral System

Jewellers’ Network’s detailed referral system is an invaluable tool for all in the Jewellery, Watch, & Diamond industry. A study by Goethe University Frankfurt and the University of Pennsylvania found that referred customers were both more profitable and loyal than normal customers. Jewellers’ Network’s referral system speaks volumes.


by Jewellers’ Network

Jewellers’ Network publishes a quarterly print magazine, LINKED by Jewellers’ Network, which is brimming with information, product launches and in-depth articles about the sector. The magazine offers a multitude of opportunities to showcase companies within the Jewellery, Watch, & Diamond industry as well as what is happening within the sector. It is the most widely distributed trade publication and is also available on our website.

Digital Platforms

The company aims to connect inspiration globally by providing innovative ways for interaction.


Jewellers’ Network’s active website aggregates information shared on its social media sites, hosts a directory and is a repository for its magazines and articles. It also allows a space for companies and individuals in the sector to share information, advertise and connect.


Sent out digitally on a monthly basis and available on our website, LINKED Online, is a content-rich digital magazine offering businesses yet another way to reach audiences locally and internationally more regularly.

Fact: The best way to keep up-to-date with the industry is through Jewellers’ Network, It is the best point-of-contact for anyone wishing to do business in the jewellery, watch, & diamond sector in Southern Africa.